Hi. I'm Atara - a twenty something lover of the culinary craft and food gatherings.

I have a simple philosophy when it come to food - create simple, beautiful dishes that bring loved ones together around the table. While it may be trite, I believe that remarkable meals have the power to unite us under an inspired shared experience.

Many of my cherished memories have happened at the table, the heart of my home. It's a feeling that many of us can relate to and the reason why we are so in love with food. In a real way, fennel is a symbol of my outlook on food. It is incredibly diverse and can be used in a variety of ways. Its intense flavor enhances many of my dishes with a complex anise note, and it's beautiful on the plate. The qualities of fennel match the qualities that I seek to bring out in an exceptional dining experience- a diverse application of each ingredient, flavorful combinations, and beautiful presentations. These elements are ingredients, a recipe for a memorable meal.

My goal is to share my recipes with you, while sharing my story along the way. I hope that you'll use these dishes to bring your friends & family together and create experiences that you'll truly never forget.